Tuesday, March 16, 2010

car paint

It's a Brand... New*... DELAHAYE!

This test was about creating the new car "glamor shot" look with clear coat over various paint finishes. Some are hyper-iridescent treatments which vary the color depending on what angle you view the surface.

Created in Animation:Master.

* 1947 model year. Tax, title, and license extra. May not meet modern emission standards. Wide white sidewall bias-ply tires are for display only and may not be roadworthy above 25 mph. Passenger compartment is an extra cost option installed by the dealer. Dealers may not be in your area as the Delahaye company ceased to exist in 1954. Seat belts not available. Always park on a hill so you can start the engine by engaging the clutch as the car rolls down the incline. Never park on a hill as the safety brake is the object of a recall. Interior of car may contain numerous clowns who will jump out at you from the trunk. Open with caution. Always drive carefully. Do not drink and drive. If you need a drink after driving your 1947 Delahaye, a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 may be concealed in the "glove compartment".

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